• Spacing Magazine Superb Illustration for the Infastructures of Suicide

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    Beautiful illustration by Sabrina Smelko for the fall 2013 issue of Spacing Magazine. Sabrina, an illustrator, and graphic designer created the piece for the magazines story on suicide and how people use iconic pieces of infrastructure to commit suicide.

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  • Good Eggs Joanna & Lori Track are ready to hatch great ideas in Toronto

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    Digital entrepreneurs launch boutique consultancy: press via: CNW

    Toronto: eLUXE founder and former CEO Joanna Track has teamed up with lawyer and business manager (and sister-in-law) Lori Track to launch Good Eggs & Co., a Toronto-based boutique agency for building brands and businesses. Joanna and Lori have more than 40 years experience combined across business management, marketing, digital media, e-commerce and creative services.

  • Call Gum-Gum-1 It's A Gumergency! | BBDO's latest work for Excel

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    BBDO's latest work for Excel is a "Gumergency," we were confused too until Randy Johnson the Hotline Operator explained it all to us.

    What's a "Gumergency" exactly?

  • "Over Kill" The Quentin Tarantino Film Festival Is Coming To Toronto?

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    No, there is not a Quentin Tarantino Film Festival coming to Toronto but this stud of a graphic designer might be on to something. Frank Flitton, a second year graphic design student at Conestoga College created the hypothetical film festival highlighting Quentin Tarantino's theatrical exploits.

    Everything from event posters, tickets, press passes to branded hooded sweaters were designed for the fictional event he fittingly calls "Over Kill."

    The Toronto Egotist asked Flitton where he got the inspiration for the project, "When I had Tarantino assigned as a director for our film festival project I noticed that he is one of the few directors that appears on screen often. I also noticed that he had a unique profile that would make a nice focal point for a poster. Another connection was that his films were essentially badass men in suits killing other badass men in suits that erupt in fountains of blood set to a Motown soundtrack I.e., of a graphic nature."

    This is not real! But it should be. You can see the complete project and more of Frank's work at Frank JE Flitton on Behance.

  • Job: Zync Agency Hiring Front-end Web Developer Full-time in Toronto

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    Zync is currently looking for an full-time front-end developer who takes a user-first approach to all websites and believes the focus should not only be on design, layout and user interface, but more importantly a content-first strategy.

    Visit the job listing for all the details here: http://www.thetorontoegotist.com/jobs/full-time/zync-agency/full-time-fr...

  • ...Arctic Rush

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    A fresh and powerful rush of intense mint flavour—like cannonballing into icy arctic water with a crazy crew of Yetis.

  • Rethink's latest for Molson Canadian, "The Hockey Sacrifice"

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    Molson Canadian and Rethink might be on to something here with their latest spot "The Hockey Sacrifice", now we can document just how insane some of us hockey fans truly are. Lloyd here seems to have no problem giving up his antique clock to a wood chipper for tickets, what would you sacrifice?

    You can tell Molson's what you'd do for hockey using the hashtag #AnythingForHockey

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