• 'Creatures of Adland' - what a strange and mysterious bunch we bastard-well are.

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    We've all seen them; huddled together for safety or intimidation. Great flocks of suits shoulder-surfing on a junior designer or a group of young creatives eating their microwaved lunchtime soup, plotting against, well, everyone.

    Creatures of Adland is the brainchild of London creative team, Adrian Flores and Jana Pejkovska with the aim of landing the perfect collective noun for every breed of adland animal.

    "As we sat watching a group of suits milling around outside a meeting room, we got to thinking about what the correct term was for a group of suits. Was there an interesting collective noun like animals have, a la ‘a murder of crows'?"

    "Well, enough is enough. Enter the Creatures of Adland (http://creaturesofadland.tumblr.com/).

    Never more shall we want for a catchy title when we spy groupings of Creative Directors, Account Managers or Planners."

  • The Beer Fridge - Molson Canadian's Beach Hockey

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    Molson Canadian’s red refrigerator make's another appearance in this ReThink created ad...Beach Hockey, now that's cool!

    Who needs ice to play hockey? Watch our hockey-crazed Canadian (Morgan from Ottawa and his best buds) share his love for the game with his new neighbours on a beach in the Gili Islands.

  • Budweiser 's Red Zeppelin Is Making It's Way To Toronto

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    Big goals deserve a big celebration. Introducing the world's biggest goal light -- the Budweiser Red Zeppelin. Let the goals begin.

    The Budweiser Red Zeppelin. 70 feet of hockey pride just in time for the biggest goals. The Budweiser Red Zeppelin will be shining bright over Canadian cities in a few short days. But first, it had to be made. Watch its journey from installing 3500 feet of LEDs, to shaping and painting the airship itself. It is the only way Budweiser feels we should celebrate the biggest goals in the world.

  • CIDI "Luge" Olympic Ad - The Games Have Always Been A Little Gay

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    The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion launch a brilliant new ad campaign during the 2014 Winter Olympics, this one entitled "Luge."
    The games have always been a little gay. Let's fight to keep them that way. Show your support for the equality of all athletes by changing your Facebook profile picture with us at http://bit.ly/keepthegamesgay.

    The CIDI would like to thank the song "Don't You Want Me",
    Performed by The Human League,
    Written by Phil Oakey,
    Philip Wright and Jo Callis

  • Sochi 2014: The Best of Canada on the Best of Bell - 4 New Spots via Zulu Alpha Kilo

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    Toronto ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo creates four spots in for Bell's Olympic campaign. The campaign includes ads entitled "Speed," "100 Channels," "Bell Bustle," and "Breakaway."
    Above is the Leo Burnett, Toronto spot "The Best of Canada on the Best of Bell" that debuted during the Super Bowl.

    "With our Sochi 2014 campaign, we've worked to capture the essence of Canadians' warm and enduring support for our athletes, and all the ways and all the places we can watch and cheer them on at the Winter Games with Bell networks and screens," said Rick Seifeddine, senior brand vice-president at Bell Canada. "It was a true team effort to show Canadians from across the country cheering on Team Canada, and we hope everyone has as much fun watching the ads as we had making them."

  • All Ice Is Home Ice - Nike Hockey Canada Spot

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    It doesn't matter who we face. It doesn't matter where we play. From the smallest pond to across the widest ocean. If it's frozen, we're at home. Before you ask, the music is by John Murphy, a soundtrack from the movie Sunshine.

  • Meanwhile, on a Carnival cruise...

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    Inventive or foolish? You decide, and brace yourself Toronto for another snow tomorrow!

  • Brand Tweet of the Day Goes To Ben & Jerry's on new Colorado Marijuana Law

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    Hey Toronto, what are we waiting for? Colorado Amendment 64, which allows for commercial sales of marijuana to adults over 21, went into effect on Jan. 1. Marijuana shops in the state posted $1 million in sales on the first day and Ben & Jerry's nails the perfect tweet.

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