• These Young Studs At Toronto's UNLKLY Designs Do What They Want in Style

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    Check out the cool designs of Toronto based UNLKLY Designs. This small group of young designers, all into the arts, design, music video production, and even marketing a graphic line of t-shirts.

  • A Talking Pigeon Represents Passengers in this JetBlue Commercial

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    JetBlue's latest spot "Air on the Side of Humanity" stars a pigeon. Not just any pigeon, a talking pigeon. This one confuses me, is it talking to me? Is it talking to JetBlue? Why is this disgusting pain in the arse bird talking at all?

  • "Sensations" by Mercedes-Benz Is A Masterpiece in Human Engineering

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    Only in France would it be possible to build a Mercedes-Benz with using the power of a football team, a skateboarder, a dancer, a couple making love, some fire and of course one epic scream.

    Agency: BBDO Paris
    Director: Wilfrid Brimo
    Music: Boys Noize (remixed by The Chemical Brothers)
    Production: Wanda

  • MuchMore Music Is No More, ReBranding as M3

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    Bell Media announced MuchMore Music will be rebranded as M3 beginning September 30th. A complete overhaul of it's website: M3TV.ca and new programming for its 30-something target audience, and a new logo.

  • Coca-Cola's Vitaminwater Cap Promotion Reads "You Retard"

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    Hard to believe that something this ridiculous actually slips by a company as big as Coca-Cola with a marketing budget bigger than the GNI of some Countries.

    [Original story via: Candice Ward, Metro News] Coca-Cola apologized Wednesday to the family of an Alberta woman who was shocked to unscrew a bottle of the company’s Vitaminwater and find the words ‘YOU RETARD’ printed inside the cap.

    Edmonton-based photographer Blake Loates said she and her husband discovered the cap while out for dinner on Tuesday night. “We were both pretty shocked,” she said.

    What makes the situation even more upsetting to Loates is that her younger sister Fiona is living with cerebral palsy and autism and was taught that the “R-word” is completely unacceptable.

  • Congrats @JWTCanada, @JWT_Worldwide - JWT Appointed Air Canada Agency of Record

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    JWT Canada announced today that it has been selected by Air Canada as its new creative advertising agency of record, following a national search process. JWT Canada will handle all of Air Canada’s global brand communications and digital marketing with effect from January 2014. Mindshare will handle all media planning and buying.

  • Brilliant New Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) "We Are All #Outsiders" Ad Campaign via Toronto's Concrete Design

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    There's a spirit and a state of mind that connects us whether we're on an expedition or out for a morning run. This is who we are. Mountain Equipment Co-op, MEC to it's fans.

    The new ad campaign for MEC entitled "We Are All Outsiders" is the work of Toronto based ad agency Concrete Design Communications who were hired to develop a new positioning and visual identity for the brand...mission accomplished Concrete. A new MEC logo, product labeling, website, store signage, packaging, video and advertising was developed. Concrete states on it's website that they "recommended consistently using the company’s colloquial name MEC, in all of the brand’s consumer touch points. This acronym was applied to a bolder logo that strategically moved away from the iconic mountain imagery, but continued to embody the strength and utility that MEC is known for. This flexible branding system was designed to include MEC’s sub-brands through additional brand elements and a secondary colour palette."

    [Images via: Concrete Design]

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