• Publicis Creates Food Porn for the 2014 Voir Restaurant Guide

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    Publicis Montreal has created a new campaign for the 2014 Voir Restaurant Guide. This year, the cover goes to top chef, Jean-Luc Boulay (Le Saint-Amour and Chez Boulay in Quebec City). The latest edition is more complete than ever, offering a Gourmet Guide featuring local artisans for take-home fare and the Restaurant Guide with reviews of over 700 Quebec eateries.
 To mark the event, the campaign revolves around the theme: 18 years+.

    Creative Credits:
    Advertising Agency: Publicis, Montreal, Canada
    Creative Directors: Nicolas Massey, Carl Robichaud
    Client Services: Mélina Tessier
    Art Director: Carl Robichaud
    Copywriter: Nicolas Massey
    Photographer: Leda & St. Jacques / Rodeo
    Production: Rodeo

    Food Stylist: Blake Mackay
    Assistant Photographer: Martin Lacroix

    Retouch and Digital Assistant: Yanive Nizard-Lafrance

  • Toronto's six01 Creates "The Storyteller"

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    The Yorkshire Museum in England is filled with stories from York's exciting history. This fall six01 took one of those stories and brought it to life where the whole city could see it - across the building's massive stone facade. With carefully tailored video content and powerful projectors, every architectural detail was transformed into part of the audiovisual experience and for four nights the museum itself became 'The Storyteller'.

    Producer / Director Jordan Foster and our team at six01 set out to create an experience that would attract audiences as both a larger-than-life spectacle and as an engaging short film. Video projection mapping as a medium has until now often occupied a role similar to that of a fireworks display - spectacular sensory experiences but without the narrative structure needed to evoke much of an emotional response. 'The Storyteller' combines narrative film-making with the immersive power of large scale projection mapping to create a completely unique experience for audiences. We believe this is a new direction in large scale audiovisual events and we're proud to be a part of its evolution.

    Design and production of the project took place over seven weeks at six01's Toronto studio. From two key ingredients - the life of Viking king Eric Bloodaxe and the architecture of the Yorkshire Museum - we mapped out the blueprints for a ten minute film that would take viewers through the story while keeping them excited to see how each new moment would incorporate the building itself. Actors were captured on green-screen and added to full digital environments, all of which was designed around the architecture of the museum.

  • PETA Says We Should Think Of Fidel Castro During Sex in "Another Cuban Missile Crisis" Spot

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    PETA starts the new year off with a bang! Another Cuban Missile Crisis is the latest spot for PETA created by the ad agency Matter. Sexy? Maybe. Dumb? Oh ya.

  • "Melt" The Canadian Tire Ice Truck Commercial (Extended Cut)

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    Watch 11,000 pounds of water form into the Canadian Tire Ice Truck equipped with the MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra Automotive Battery with AGM. This reverse melt video was shot over a period of 44 hours.

    Below is the version that debuted Jan. 1 during the NHL’s 2014 Winter Classic between our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings.

  • #WeAreWinter: Team Canada's 2014 Winter Olympic journey begins in new Ad Campaign

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    In Canada #WeAreWinter. Watch and share this video and the #WeAreWinter film series to support our athletes as they don the Team Canada uniform at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and go for gold. The spots are directed and producer by Henry Lu.

    Below, the great Steve Yzerman is the voiceover in one of 10 ads in the campaign. See all the spots on the Canadian Olympic Team / Équipe olympique canadienne official YouTube channel.

  • Microsoft Rings in 2014 with an ad for Bing Celebrating the Heroic Women of 2013

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    These heroic women show what spirit, courage, and perseverance can achieve in Microsoft's latest video ad campaign for it's search engine Bing in a "Celebration of the Heroic Women of 2013". May their bravery inspire us in 2014 and beyond.

    The clip includes notable women such as: Diana Nyad, Margaret Thatcher, Antionette Tuff, Edith Windsor, Gabrielle Giffords and other inspiring women. The song/music is Brave by Sara Bareilles. Be Brave in 2014.

  • Red The Agency, It's a Wonderful Sock Christmas Wish

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    Red The Agency wishes us all a Merry Christmas with "It's a Wonderful Sock" video.

    Advertising Agency: RED The Agency, Canada
    Creative Director: Ryan Kelly
    Art Director: Regan Fraser
    Photographer: Bryce D'Andrea
    Account Manager: Bilal El Houri
    Technical Director: Shane Handford
    Web Developer: Aaron Clifford
    Sound Production / Editing: Wave Productions

  • Toronto's Open Salutes Marketers with The Marketers’ Anthem

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    Here's to you Consumer Whisperers, Mother Targeters, Brand Guardians.

    Oh Marketers. You moved us to vote, follow, share, pin, tweet, re-tweet and like. You proved that "vertising" can go on the end of anything. You created a community for people who use the same deodorant. You made us cry not once, but twice, during a juice commercial. You even let us befriend a cookie on Facebook. Well done you!

    For this year's Marketer of the Year issue for Strategy magazine, Toronto-based creative shop Open created The Marketers’ Anthem, a video tribute to the pioneering attitude of the marketing professional. Go ahead, double like this.

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