• Toronto's Code Film and Y&R new spots "Adventure" and "Luxury" for BMO

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    Two beautiful new spots from ad agency Y&R for The Bank of Montreal, the "Luxury" and "Adventure" ads were done by the Toronto production company Code Film.

    Campaign name: BMO
    Media: TVC
    Published: November 2013
    Market: Canada
    Language: English
    Advertising Agency: Y&R
    Advertiser: Bank of Montreal
    Brand: Bank of Montreal
    VP, Dir of Broadcast: Diane Kirk
    Creative Director: Darcy Maloney
    Art Director: Appanna Chetranda
    Copywriter: Cheryl Geonnanga
    Production Company: Code Film
    Producer: Jeff Pangman
    Director: Borgato & Berte
    Director of Photography: Stoeps Langensteiner

  • Evergreen - Let's Talk Dirty

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    Toronto-based creative agency Open Creative wants to wipe away the negative connotations of dirt in the minds of Canadians, with a new campaign for non-profit Evergreen.

    A selection of campaign images are posted here at GlossyInc.

    “Get Dirty” is an unapologetic campaign that gets at the heart of what it takes to help build healthier cities by making a simple point: getting dirty gets things done.

    The campaign encompasses print, posters, online, social and a launch event held at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works. All creative elements feature hand-painted slogans with unabashed messages including, “I’m dirty” and “I think dirty all the time”.

    According to Lea Anne Armstrong, Creative Director at Evergreen, the goal of “Get Dirty” is to empower every day Canadians.

    She adds, “When Canadians “Get Dirty”, they’re signing up for our newsletter or volunteer initiatives. Through this campaign, we want Canadians to know that they can truly make an impact on creating a healthier city.”

    Evergreen’s founder and CEO, Geoff Cape makes an appearance in the campaign’s first print execution. Wearing a black t-shirt inked with the headline “Let’s talk dirty,” Cape challenges the very definition of “Dirty” and invites Canadians to do the same.

    “It’s really inspiring to see someone who isn’t afraid of getting into the nitty gritty – someone who’s made real change in the past, but who’s also rolling up their sleeves to make change for the future,” says Martin Beauvais, partner, Open.

    “The campaign speaks to Evergreen’s roots as a hands-on organization,” adds Christian Mathieu, partner, Open. “We really wanted to let Canadians know that Evergreen and their volunteers aren’t just talking about change. They’re making it happen.”

    The campaign’s accompanying event gave passersby a platform to speak their dirty minds. With portraits taken by Toronto-based studio A Nerd’s World, supporters wearing headlines of their choosing could then share their photos onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

    This is the first brand campaign Open has done for Evergreen since winning the account in January 2013. The project is on going, with future roll out plans for 2014.

    Campaign Title: Get Dirty
    Client: Evergreen
    Creative Agency: Open
    Partner, Creative: Martin Beauvais
    Partner, Strategy: Christian Mathieu
    Project Leads: Christine Macdonald, Anne Ngo
    Project Manager: Nicolas Rouleau
    Art Director: Tyler McKissick
    Copywriter: Layton Wu
    Photography Partner: A Nerd's World

  • Ad Facts: We Drink & Watch Porn via Toronto's Lowe Roche

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    In Canada, people who work in advertising drink 9 times as much bourbon as the average Canadian. And 49.1% of us drink wine weekly. We love stuff that's all about us, don't we?

    The video was created for the Toronto-based Strategy Agency of the Year Awards.
    In creating the video, Lowe Roche did its homework, conducting in-depth qualitative and quantitative research. They tapped into the PMB database of over 22,000 respondents and did a vertical lifestyle analysis of Canadians who identify themselves as ad industry professionals. In doing so, they uncovered some lesser-known facts about ad people, for example, did you know that ad people use the internet for adult entertainment 1.7 times more than the average Canadian? Maybe you didn’t know that ad people mute the sound in TV commercials 1.6 times more than the national average. A tad ironic don’t you think? And surprise, surprise – ad people drink a lot. In fact we drink 9 times as much bourbon as the average Canadian. So “cheers”… to ad people.

    Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto
    Co-Creative Director: Jane Murray
    Co-Creative Director: Mark Mason
    Copy Writer: Jeremy Richard
    Junior Copy Writer: Jason Soy
    Art Director: Matthew Camara
    Agency Producer: Shannon Farrell
    Strategic Planner: Jonathan Daly
    Post Production: Married to Giants
    Editor: Monica Remba
    Editor’s Assistant: Alain Elliott
    Online & Motion Graphics Artist: Trevor Corrigan
    Online Assistant: Sheenah Jennings
    Executive Producer: Denise Shearer
    Audio House: Keen Music
    Music Producer: Matt Redman
    Music Producer: Thomas Neuspiel
    Audio Mixer: Andrew McCready
    VO: Aaron Abrams

  • Everyone Could Use a Lil' Schmancy

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    Everyone Could Use a Lil' Schmancy.

  • Check Out Georgian College This Saturday

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    Learn more about how you can Make your Mark at Georgian College by visiting their Open House on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at any one of seven campuses.

  • Cheil Toronto "Chew By Numbers" Art Piece

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    Why did the folks at Cheil Canada's Toronto office enlist the service of 1,000 people to chew 10,386 pieces of gum? To create Canada's largest piece of art created by gum of course.

    The Chew By Numbers piece is being displayed in Cheil's new downtown Toronto office located at the beautiful old Wrigley Gum Factory.

    Congrats on the new space Cheil, we're looking forward to a tour of your new space soon.

  • More Cool Announcements from Toronto's Gentlemen's Expo Organizers

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    The Gentlemen's Expo is firing up the event promotions with bacon! Organizers of the first event of it's kind to be held in Toronto have launched a Win Free Bacon for a Year contest, where the winner will win 4lbs of bacon every month for the full year.

    The Gentlemen's Expo will also be attempting to break the World Record for the Largest Gathering of Men with a Moustache in support of Movember.

    The event will run from November 22 - 24, check out all the happenings at The Gentlemen's Expo.

  • Open taps into the world of wonder in their latest for Wonderlab by Toys“R”Us

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    Taking inspiration from the imaginative and inquisitive minds of children, Toronto-based Open has created a new digital out-of-home and in-store point of purchase campaign for Wonderlab, Toys“R”Us’ new learning concept store.

    To demonstrate the educational and fun approach of Wonderlab, and to introduce the brand to North Vancouver residents, the digital billboards feature weekly “wonders” or riddles, such as “do elephants read books?” and “do stars float?” The “wonders” are answered in the form of playful in-store posters, reflecting the experience of wondering, playing, and learning.

    “The campaign is designed to pique curiosity and drive interest to the store in an on-brand and playful manner,” says Martin Beauvais, Partner Creative, Open. “By changing the campaign elements weekly, we hope to create a fun and informative dialogue between the brand and consumers.”

    Wonderlab, which opened its doors in Vancouver this summer, is Toys“R”Us’ first learning concept store and reinforces the company’s role as the expert in educational play. All of the products sold in the store promote learning, discovery, creativity, exploration and role-play.
    This is Open’s first campaign for the retailer since the brand’s launch campaign in June. Open’s work on Wonderlab includes developing the complete identity for the new store, from its name and logo to in-store design elements.

    Campaign Title: Ever Wonder
    Client: Toys“R”Us, Inc.
    Brand: Wonderlab

    Creative Agency: Open
    Creative Direction: Martin Beauvais
    Strategic Direction: Christian Mathieu
    Project Lead: Christine Macdonald
    Project Manager: David Power
    Art Direction: Jessica Rogers
    Writing: Laura Beth Cooper

    News Story Via:
    Toronto Egotist Contributor:
    Shannon Stephaniuk


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