• Kensington Market in Toronto, Unexpect the Expected

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    Rare is Beauty with Chaos...Toronto Art Director Bowie Shum created this personal project aimed to broaden and improve the perception of Kensington Market from Torontonians and tourists. We aim to overhaul the stereotype that the area as a claustrophobic and grimy by portraying how Kensington's chaos and uniqueness is what makes it beautiful.

    Credits to Art Directors Bowie Shum and Michelle Chiu. Copywriter: Mira Blumenthal.
    via: Bowie Shum

  • From Union's Lance Martin to JWT's Brent Choi, Toronto Creatives Begin Their Apologies

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    NABS Vintage intern, Brent Choi, apologizes for any wrong-doings he may have done to you.

    ...as does Union Creatives Lance Martin

    ...and Red Urban's Christina Yu is sorry too

    ...our personal favourite comes from Strategy Online, Stimulant and Media in Canada VP & Editorial Director Mary Maddever...

    See all the apologies at Nabs YouTube page, and for those of you who have know idea what the Nabs Vintage Intern Auction is or to bid and to get your own personal revenge visit Nabs here.

  • DDB and Tribal TO latest work for Crime Stoppers Toronto "Leave No Trace"

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    Brief: Crime is increasing in Toronto schools. Unfortunately, students are hesitant to report crimes because they believe that their identities may be revealed, and that the tips they leave will be traced back to them, making them a target. We need to let students know that Crime Stoppers is safe to use – that there is no way for anyone to trace your tips back to you.

    Description: With a youthful target that has short attention spans, craves entertainment, and doesn't trust traditional advertising, we needed to take a new approach for Crime Stoppers. So we created a series of short videos that would live online, and could proliferate through the outlet that today's youth is connected to most: social media. To be noticed, we had to be irreverent. So our videos exaggerated the lengths that Crime Stoppers goes to protect your identity when you submit a tip.

    Toronto Crime Stoppers will use the two videos as part of their in school program, in addition to living on whenyouleaveatip.tumblr.com. Developed by Tribal Worldwide – Toronto the new Tumblr page also shares assets, like meme-style images and GIFs, using the characters from the spots to help raise awareness for the campaign.

  • JWT Canada's beautiful work for Tim Hortons "Coffee Art"

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    Despite the fact that Tim Hortons has nearly 80% share of all takeout coffee in Canada, many people don't realize the care and craftsmanship that goes into every cup of Tim Hortons coffee. This commercial was designed to change that. Shot over the course of 17 days, it was animated entirely out of Tim Hortons coffee beans and coffee grinds, using stop-motion photography. The result is a commercial that had as much time and care and craftsmanship put into the production as Tim Hortons puts into making the cup of coffee that Canadians love.

    Check out the "making of" clip after the credits.

    Creative Credits:
    Ad Agency: JWT, Canada
    Chief Creative & Integration Officer: Brent Choi
    Executive Creative Director: Paul Wales
    Art Director: Andy Brokenshire
    Copywriter: Jed Churcher
    Planners: Doug Poad / Chantaie Allick
    Head of Production: Pam Portsmouth
    Account Team: Scott Miskie / Renee Ray / Cameron Stark
    Client Team: Glenn Hollis / Brett Donald / Karen Paradine

    Director: Alan Poon / Eric Malika / Robin Nishio
    Production Company: Common Good / Radke Films
    Post-Production: Common Good / Alter Ego/ SAUCE Production
    Editing House: Common Good / SAUCE Production
    Music House: Grayson Matthews
    Media Agency: Mindshare

  • Ray-Ban's Latest Viral Ad Is A Mind Bending Optical Illusion

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    We can't stop watching BrassPup's mind bending optical illusion showing off Ray-Ban Clubmasters.

  • Rush, Clockwork Angels Tour Official Trailer

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    For the Rush fan's here is the official trailer for the band's upcoming Clockwork Angels Tour. The trailer was cut by Toronto based School edititor Mark Morton.

  • Video: What Does Rob Ford Say

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    Thumbs up to Toronto's 102.1 The Edge and the Dean Blundell show's Blind Derek for putting this gem together.

  • New Ad: Moto X Moto Maker, Thousands of ways to Customize

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    Droga5 ditches the lazy phone guy in it's latest ad for the Google Moto X smartphone to highlight all the ways you can customize your device with Moto Maker.

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