• Hey Toronto Artists @SteamWhistle Wants You In It's Gallery Space

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    Steam Whistle Brewery is looking for group(2+) exhibitions by emerging artists to showcase in it's gallery space.

    Steam Whistles gallery is located inside their historic John St. Roundhouse which provides a great backdrop for art shows in Toronto.

    Get all the details here at Steam Whistle

    Photo credits: Gerry Kaiser

  • Popular Ad Blog @Adrants @Stevehall Under Fire for Sexist Article On New Agency Hires

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    The article giving Steve Hall and his popular ad blog Adrants even more attention than usual, titled "We Want to Work at Young & Laramore!" read:

    So why do we want to work at Indianapolis-based Young & Laramore? For salaciously selfish, purely prurient Neanderthal-ish reasons. What do we mean by this? Have you seen the trio of beauty they just hired? We know the advertising industry is filled with beautiful people but Young & Laramore has hit some sort of trifecta with the hiring of Sarah Halcombe as writer, Taylor Schaffer as brand action specialist and Sara Walker as assistant account manager.

    OK, enough with the buffoonish behavior. These ladies, no doubt, will kick ass at Young & Laramore regardless of their beauty because, after all, when it comes to working in advertising, it's what you know, not what you look like. We wish them well. But if we are ever in Indianapolis, we just might need an agency tour.

    The article has since been deleted from his blog, a brief exchange between the women on twitter ensued...

    ...then Jezebel ran the story....now we wait to see how this plays out.

  • Humans as Computers as Branded Energy Drink Cans, Cool

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    Graphic Designer David Ngo explains his branded human computer project: The concept of this piece is that humans are like computers, we all have weaknesses and parts that can each be individually upgraded. In this case, we use vitamin drinks to enhance our bodies like how we would upgrade computer parts.

  • Sid Lee Trims The Fat in Burger King's New Gratifries Ad

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    We're loving Burger King's new spot for the trimmed up new Gratifries created by Sid Lee.

  • Backstage with Toronto Comedian David Andrew Brent doing Schwarzenegger

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    One of the most sought after voice actors / impressionists in North America and Toronto's own David Andrew Brent recently thrilled his fans backstage at the 4th Annual Brantford Comedy Festival with his impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The clip which is closing in on 1 million views was done by Brantford based Fat Panda Studio's and produced by Matt Joniec.

    Kudos to the Toronto Batman for the heads up....What, you don't know who the Toronto Batman is, not from around here are you? Check out the very real Batman on his very real Facebook page.

  • A Hidden Camera Experiment, Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

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    The viral masters at Thinkmodo freak the crap out of unsuspecting customers at a New York City coffee shop to find out how they'd react if telekinesis were real. At the end of it all, it's a promo for the remake of the 70's classic Stephen King horror film Carrie.

  • Toronto's Petra Collins Chats With @patrickmcguire About Her Controversial Vagina Shirt Design

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    Here is the most controversial menstrual blood themed t-shirt of all time, by Petra Collins...Vice Canada's Patrick McGuire sits down to chat with Petra Collins and talk vagina, menstruating, masturbation, and art.

    My friend Petra Collins—who has done all sorts of wonderful photography work for VICE, along with the all-female art collective she founded and curates, The Ardorous—caused an incredibly entertaining storm of controversy this week. Petra designed a t-shirt for American Apparel where a simplistic line drawing depicts a masturbating, menstruating woman with pubic hair. All sorts of people who can’t handle female sexuality have called the shirt “vile,” “disgusting,” “gross,” and “icky” while adding “ew wtf” for good measure. Petra’s $32 t-shirt has been written up by The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, TIME, and a whole bunch of other blogs and media outlets who are trying to “figure out” the controversy.

    In order to have a rational and intelligent conversation about a drawing on a t-shirt that is making a bunch of crazy people upset, I gave Petra a call on Skype last night and we talked it out.

    VICE: What do you think of the media storm you’ve started?
    Petra Collins: It’s really awesome. I’m not surprised. It’s exactly what I wanted because it totally proves my point…

    And what is your point?
    That we’re so shocked and appalled at something that’s such a natural state—and it’s funny that out of all the images everywhere, all of the sexually violent images, or disgustingly derogatory images, this is something that’s so, so shocking apparently. The graphic on my shirt is a line drawing, too. It’s not even a full-on image.
    Read the full Patrick McGuire interview with Petra Collins here.

  • The Official $450 Team Canada 2014 Sochi Olympic Hockey Jersey

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    Ken Black, Nike Canada's Olympic Creative Director was on hand to officially unveil what was unofficially unveiled last month, the 2014 Team Canada Sochi Olympic Hockey Jersey...and its made of plastic. Replica jerseys went on sale today for $140 but the official jerseys wont hit the stores until December and you can expect to be gouged $450 for one.
    Image courtesy Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press.

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