• Cheil Toronto "Chew By Numbers" Art Piece

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    Why did the folks at Cheil Canada's Toronto office enlist the service of 1,000 people to chew 10,386 pieces of gum? To create Canada's largest piece of art created by gum of course.

    The Chew By Numbers piece is being displayed in Cheil's new downtown Toronto office located at the beautiful old Wrigley Gum Factory.

    Congrats on the new space Cheil, we're looking forward to a tour of your new space soon.

  • More Cool Announcements from Toronto's Gentlemen's Expo Organizers

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    The Gentlemen's Expo is firing up the event promotions with bacon! Organizers of the first event of it's kind to be held in Toronto have launched a Win Free Bacon for a Year contest, where the winner will win 4lbs of bacon every month for the full year.

    The Gentlemen's Expo will also be attempting to break the World Record for the Largest Gathering of Men with a Moustache in support of Movember.

    The event will run from November 22 - 24, check out all the happenings at The Gentlemen's Expo.

  • Open taps into the world of wonder in their latest for Wonderlab by Toys“R”Us

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    Taking inspiration from the imaginative and inquisitive minds of children, Toronto-based Open has created a new digital out-of-home and in-store point of purchase campaign for Wonderlab, Toys“R”Us’ new learning concept store.

    To demonstrate the educational and fun approach of Wonderlab, and to introduce the brand to North Vancouver residents, the digital billboards feature weekly “wonders” or riddles, such as “do elephants read books?” and “do stars float?” The “wonders” are answered in the form of playful in-store posters, reflecting the experience of wondering, playing, and learning.

    “The campaign is designed to pique curiosity and drive interest to the store in an on-brand and playful manner,” says Martin Beauvais, Partner Creative, Open. “By changing the campaign elements weekly, we hope to create a fun and informative dialogue between the brand and consumers.”

    Wonderlab, which opened its doors in Vancouver this summer, is Toys“R”Us’ first learning concept store and reinforces the company’s role as the expert in educational play. All of the products sold in the store promote learning, discovery, creativity, exploration and role-play.
    This is Open’s first campaign for the retailer since the brand’s launch campaign in June. Open’s work on Wonderlab includes developing the complete identity for the new store, from its name and logo to in-store design elements.

    Campaign Title: Ever Wonder
    Client: Toys“R”Us, Inc.
    Brand: Wonderlab

    Creative Agency: Open
    Creative Direction: Martin Beauvais
    Strategic Direction: Christian Mathieu
    Project Lead: Christine Macdonald
    Project Manager: David Power
    Art Direction: Jessica Rogers
    Writing: Laura Beth Cooper

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    Toronto Egotist Contributor:
    Shannon Stephaniuk


  • Meet Toronto's New Audio Production Studio SNDWRX

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    They shower in recording booths, pay homage to influential musical eras in their living room and every meal they eat includes a healthy dose of “beets.” They literally live music. They are SNDWRX, a new Toronto-based audio production focused on talent and collaboration that’s dedicated to changing what you know about the industry standard audio outfit.

    Helmed by Didier Tovel, SNDWRX features an exclusive network of internationally acclaimed artists, sound designers, composers, voice directors, engineers, producers and music supervisors. For clients, they come together to form specialized teams in order to craft authentic sounds, giving them a wide variety of talent and the ability to take on multiple projects across multiple disciplines, while simultaneously focusing on their core strength, audio.

    “In my experience, the best talent does not want a nine to five gig,” says Tovel. “They want the freedom to create on their own terms, in their own environments, to collaborate with people from around the world. Our focus at SNDWRX is on assembling the right teams, spending more of our resources on what really counts, the work."

    Since opening its doors earlier this year the collective has already been commissioned to create work for a wide range of clients including BMW, MINI, McDonald's, Toyota, BlackBerry, Budweiser, and were responsible for giving Zoomer, the speaking and break dancing robotic toy dog, a voice of its own.

    To introduce its collective and some of its work, SNDWRX created a series of fun pictures that can be found on social media channels and the SNDWRX website. The images, shot by David Krovblit, show the team's diversity, their clever sense of humour, their undeniable love taste for the uncommon, and how their lives truly revolve around audio and creative thought.

    While keeping creativity a top priority, everything that SNDWRX does respects viewers and listeners. To that end, the collective invests a lot of time in clever ideation in order to find that simple idea that can grow and ultimately capture imaginations. It was a tack they even took when producing their official reel in collaboration with Toronto-based production company The Vanity.

    Taking a departure from the typical reels they feel clients often find so boring, SNDWRX condensed their top 10 spots into one 60-second video, sampling in the music they created for the spots to craft a single piece featuring movie-trailer-like visual FX that showcases the brands they work with. A level of interactivity was also added as every spot is clickable and can be watched in full.

    “It's often hard for creatives to describe what they want sonically in words, so it's important that they know we speak their language, will lead processes to be easy for them, and that they aren't dealing with a bunch of long haired guitar players or fake salespeople,” says Tovel. “We are creatives too, and we enjoy every minute of it.”

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    Toronto Egotist Contributor:
    Shannon Stephaniuk


  • DDB Toronto's Latest for Subaru "Dueling Impreza"

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    There is nothing that drives like a Subaru Impreza four-door… except the Subaru Impreza five-door. So to demonstrate just how capable and fun these two vehicles are to drive, we pitted them against one another in the ultimate testing ground: the desert flats. Set to the song “Dueling Banjos,” the playful creative depicts two Impreza drivers pushing their vehicles to the limit, and loving it, in a friendly head-to-head competition.

    Developed by DDB Canada’s Toronto office, the new campaign includes cinema, television, print and digital advertising. The national campaign kicked off this week and will run into the fall. "Dueling Banjos" performed by Bradleyboy.

  • The Grocery Cart Gondola via Toronto's Cundari

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    Villaggio is a delicious, thick sliced Italian-style bread. And, of course, who would know that better than a Venetian Gondolier? So we found one, built him a one-of-a-kind Gondola and set him loose on unsuspecting shoppers with great taste and gave them a ride they’ll never forget.

  • Salvation Army "No one should have to call the streets home"

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    Advertising Agency: Cossette, Toronto
    Co-Chief Creative Officers: Matthew Litzinger, David Daga
    Creative Director: Chad Borlase
    Art Director: Kevin Filliter
    Writer: Aaron Chown
    Account Supervisor: Kaitlin Doherty

  • Wiser's Deluxe - The Wiserhood "Swan Song"

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    Toronto's john st latest spot for Wiser's is well...typical man stuff.

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