About Us

About The Toronto Egotist
The Toronto Egotist is an anonymously-run website featuring the best creative, the best talent and the best resources in Toronto – keeping it all in the greater context of what's happening internationally. Our intent is to foster growth in this city, both professionally and conceptually. We also will attempt to showcase Canadian work from outside of Toronto, from Guelph, Ontario to Grise Fiord, Nunavut; from Pleasantville, Newfoundland to Prince Rupert, British Columbia (at least until Vancouver creatives can climb out of their smoky basements and launch The Vancouver Egotist).

The Toronto Egotist Manifesto
There are two kinds of marketers in Canada – those who have moved to the U.S., and those who haven't yet decided to give up free health care for a shot at Cannes.

With smaller budgets, you've got to be leaner up here, and leaner means smarter. So, if we're smarter, why don't we get the credit we deserve? This is our mission – to thaw out and release the great minds and exceptional ideas that are frozen in the ice.

Whether these Toronto creatives stay here to help build Madison Avenue North or whether they venture south to take over the industry, it doesn't matter. It's our time now. We're just giving you a polite warning first.

A Message To Businesses
As decision makers on the client side and inside the agencies themselves, the choice to hire locally and demand good work is yours to make. By doing so, you’ll not only help elevate our city as a whole, you’ll help Toronto become a draw for new talent – continuing the cycle.

Just as we’re challenging Toronto’s creative community to step it up, we’re also extending a challenge to business owners. Before you take your next big campaign out of town, give a shop in this city a chance – if only to pitch. The expectation for great work has been set. Let them surprise you. With your help and trust, we’ll build Toronto into a creative and cultural Mecca.

We’re all about hiring the world’s best talent. But we’re all about hiring Toronto's and Canada’s best talent first. It’s the challenge of agencies to uncover the photographers, illustrators, directors, writers, designers and visionaries in our town that will help make your work better.

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