Senior Copywriter

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver, DO
Company URL: http://www.leopard.com
Date Posted: July 12th, 2012

Leopard has the priviledge of working with some amazing clients - IBM, Motorola, Aetna, Cisco, GE, CDW - and we help them bridge the gap between marketing and sales with incisive strategy and creative work that educates, informs and motivates people to act.

We’re looking for an experienced senior copywriter to join our very talented team. We are nimble and full of opportunity - we operate in the day-to-day like a small independent agency, and at the same time enjoy the benefits of being part of something much bigger - the greater Ogilvy family. There we can leverage the network to work on global brands, extend learning opportunities to our employees, and provide rich benefits to employees and their families.

As a senior copywriter at Leopard, you need to:

- love working with words and your portfolio demonstrates intelligent writing and strong analytical and conceptual thinking
- know how to extend and extrapolate a story so that it makes sense to a specific audience, and then to make that story interesting and compelling
- have finely honed interviewing skills to suss out a story and its supporting details from a high-level executive or a subject matter expert, in person or on the phone
- be engaged, understand and contribute to discussions regarding our clients' marketing strategy
- collaborate with strategists
- understand the idea of the buyer's journey and how marketing can use that contract to influence sellers
- know how to become an instant expert in a given topic through diligent research
be comfortable presenting work to clients, and working collaboratively with them to sharpen the work

If the above resonates with you and you also fit the following profile, we want to hear from you!

- 6+ years proven experience making complex topics easily understood by a variety of business- and technology-focused audiences
- at least 2 years in and around technology and understands its use in the business world
- curiosity and adaptability across different accounts - from tech to financial services; insruance to food service
- has a strong grasp of sellers, as demonstrated by experience in a seller organization, held a role with seller interaction , or a body of work demonstrating how sellers think
- portfolio demonstrates a deep understanding of marketing strategy and shows ability to translate that into sales activities
- works well independently, but also enjoys the collaboration of a team and is a strong team player, internally and with the client
- demonstrated experience building productive relationships and proactively resolving copy issues
- big pluses - experience writing blogs, online editorial role, new media, or as a copy lead

How to apply:

To apply, please go to the talent portal found on the contact page of our website - www.leopard.com

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