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Dennis Forbes
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On my linked in page and web site you'll find a varied and vast collection of ads I've written over the years. (Print ads on linked in. Broadcast on my web site.) Individually I'd like to think they do an admirable job of taking somewhat common sales initiatives and serving them up in unique, compelling and insightful ways which consumers can understand and relate to. Collectively they reflect the belief I've had since day one, that advertising can be creative, fun and perhaps a tad abstract without losing sight of promoting the service or product at hand. I love everything about advertising. The strategy. The challenge. The debates. The process. The people. The wins. And yeah, sometimes even the losses. But equally, I get off on the fact that I haven't lost one iota of enthusiasm and energy. Grey hair and Rolling Stones fan aside, put me in a room full of young, idealistic creatives and you won't be able to tell us apart. If time allows for you to review my samplings of work, I hope you enjoy them. If you do and you have need for more of the same, I hope you get in touch. Thanks for your time. And interest. Dennis


Dennis Forbes

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Toronto, Ontario


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