• The Librettogram - Toronto Pizzeria Libretto Delivering Social Media Style

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    Via Toronto creative shop UNION, Pizzeria Libretto to Delivers Pizza to Social Media

    The scoop -

    Each pizza on Libretto’s menu was photographed in all its luscious glory and then cropped into nine separate shots. Uploaded and viewed in Instagram’s Grid View, they re-form into individual pizzas. Users can scroll through the entire menu at the flick of a finger. Clicking on each picture brings up a mouth-watering close up as well as a bite-sized piece of information about the quality of the ingredients and the precise attention that go into that specific pizza. By reframing the VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana Association) story into a format and medium our target engages with every day, we were able to deepen customers’ appreciation for what Pizzeria Libretto does and strengthen their connection to the restaurant.

    The Creds:
    Campaign: Librettogram
    Client: Pizzeria Libretto
    Ad Agency: UNION Creative
    Executive Creative Director/Partner: Lance Martin
    Copywriter/ Associate Creative Director: Mike Takasaki
    Art Director/ Associate Creative Director: Glen D’Souza
    Account Manager: Rhiannon Enss
    Head of Integrated Production: Jen Dark
    Production Artist: William Leung
    Social Strategist: Alex Avendaño
    Photographer: Edward Pond

  • RBC and Entrinsic launch cinematic campaign for first-time Homebuyers

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    Buying your first home can feel like an experience straight out of a Hollywood film. Digital culture agency Entrinsic has partnered with RBC® to create a campaign worthy of Tinseltown, connecting first-time homebuyers to the financial institution to help make sure their story has a happy ending.

    RBC's first-time homebuyer campaign is centred around three movie trailer-style films directed by veteran Hollywood filmmaker Jeremiah Chechik (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Benny & Joon). Each trailer promotes a fictional movie following a couple going through the ups and downs of buying their first home, showcasing just how different the journey can be for everyone—it might feel like an upbeat romantic comedy, an emotional drama, or at times even a horror...more after the jump

  • Subaru WRX STI vs. The Drones via DDB Toronto

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    This week, Subaru Canada launches a new campaign by DDB Toronto that shows the 2015 WRX STI in a precision-driving course made of drone quadcopters. These animated robots dynamically alter the course in real-time, demanding the ultimate in performance and precision from the WRX STI.

  • The Very Talented Ben Johnston's "drink coffee, create stuff & sleep" Mural

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    The visual story of the creative process that goes into creating a mural. Made over two days, Ben Johnston designs a custom lettered design & painted mural for Project Owl, a co-working space in Toronto.
    The mural embodies what start-up life is all about--some people just want to "drink coffee, create stuff & sleep".

    The video was
    Directed by: PJ Lee
    Shot by: Jason Rodricks, PJ Lee & Evan Bellam
    Edited by: PJ Lee, Evan Bellam, & Dan Wallace
    Companies: Asterisk Media & Pure Percent

    See the full image set here and more of Ben Johnston's work here.

  • Toronto TTC Streetcar Wrap Spotting - PC Financial "DEBANKIFY"

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    “To debankify is to get just what you need from your bank and nothing that you don’t,” says Sandra Daniel, senior director of brand and communications at PC Financial. “So it’s really about taking the complexity out of banking. At the end of the day our customers have told us they want to spend less time banking and more time living,”

    “Debankify”- a play on the term “de-clutter” was coined by PC Financial and its creative agency of record Sid Lee. Elements of the integrated campaign include print ads running in commuter papers across English Canada, out-of-home, social media promotion and online banners and takeovers on lifestyle and news sites.

  • How Canadians Celebrate Spring via Toronto's North Strategic & Notch Video

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    Advertiser: Canadian Tire
    Agency: North Strategic
    Produced by: Ayesha Basi & Yotam Dor, Notch Video
    Creative Direction: Justin Creally, North Strategic
    Director/Writer/Editor: Evan Morgan
    Director of Photography: Maya Bankovic
    Art Director: Adam Belanger
    Talent House: Riverlight Talent
    Hair and Makeup: Sana Young, Meccage
    Production Assistant: Alvin Sun
    On Location/Post Sound: James Young/Cory Revesz, Toronto Sound
    2nd Editor: Greg Szymanski
    Colorist: Andrew Exworth, RedLab Digital

  • Unveiling the new Massey Lecture iPad App

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    "The Massey Lectures series is so unique in so many ways. It's absolutely unbelievably rich and special and Canadian. Where in the world do you find a major university, a national broadcaster, and a major independent press — all multimedia — to bring out a book, and a series of lectures based on that book that will attract a national audience? It's really almost unheard of." Read more after the jump

  • New work from Toronto's UNION Creative for the CREA "RAID"

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    UNION Creative and The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) have launched an epic new TV campaign that shows Canadians the risks of not using a REALTOR®.

    Developed by the Toronto-based ad agency, the spot uses humour and hyperbole to illustrate a scenario of a couple who bought a house without using a REALTOR®, and the unintended consequences of that decision. REALTORS® have data, specialized market knowledge, and the experience to ensure home buyers and sellers make informed decisions.

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