Plantable Beer Coasters

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As part of their Red Leaf project, Molson Canadian will be including plantable beer coasters in select cases of beer. When planted, the coasters will grow into mighty Black Spruce trees.

We're not sure how many frat houses are going to start organizing tree-planting expeditions, but we can see this going over well with the cottaging set. Either way, it's a nice idea from Rethink that compliments the rest of their campaign well.




Clever. Seeds in a biodegradable coaster.

It makes me wonder if trees start growing, in the wrong places, other than the ground. And i wonder if the person remembers if they are even told and they read it, save it, and plant it. I guess my lackluster is answered with it being a surprise toy inside the pack!

How many trees indeed; The world may never know!

Beer is one of the most natural and exceptably kind drugs.

Bar tricks are catchy...! Enjoy.

Has anyone successfully germinated these seeds, ive tried with the seeds from 4 coasters and no luck germinating any seeds, and tips?

if the don't grow when properly planted there is always tree nurseries and seeds you can plant. There are a lot of incentives today for tree planting rebuild and regrowth programs and volunteering charities. It's fun - do it yourself - group experience while doing environmental friendly to be involved :)

It would be nice to have some kind of planting instructions.

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