Best Ad for a Boxing Gym Ever. Seriously. Ever.

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The Church Street Gym in New York is home to former pro boxer Eric Kelly. And he is, without a doubt, the best possible spokesman for a gym in the history of gym spokespeople.



What an asshole. Ya, only HE has a story. If he wasn't so fucking self centered, maybe he'd take interest in learning other peoples'. Worthless, washed up, useless, blind retard of a street thug is all I see.

Don't be mad, nerd, it's supposed to be funny.

These people are likely all his friends. This is obviously a joke, and a pretty good one. They are all having fun.

In the mouth, is where all the balls meet.

This is greatest thing I've ever seen.

This is the BEST ad I've ever seen - for anything.


This is absolutely the funniest ad I have ever seen in my life! i almost pissed my pants.

"I beat the fuck out of people...that's what I do!"


Lets see him take on Tony Tate, Office linebacker

please give a tv show to this men please

Why is ALL he wants, or he's gonna die, is a tv show, that's what people get in amerika?

Excuse me! He's training and motivating others to continue his passion with his own humorous personality. I think it is an encouraging alternative experience.

"A street altercation" Negro please, you got into a street brawl. Stop trying to make it sound like you were fighting the Sharks or Jets.

Probably just typical frustrations at the scene.

I like to get the out and get past them. Right there and then and then make beautiful box

It's part of the territory:)

Why does he have a Q in his left ear. Is it repairable? Give the guy medical coverage...., ppplease.

Give Him His Own Forsheze Show...!

any english subtitles from whatever shit he is talking?

He is hilarious, and good trainerish inspirior in character! He Keeps it Real[time], sprayin' his motivational jive and drivel! Give him his own Internet jamshow on #AfterBuzzTV!

If you don't find this hilarious, you have obviously never trained in a boxing gym.

Incredible! My spouse and i envy the actual natural talent you've got dudes.

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